Better Not Blink

Do you remember the treetop taunters I mentioned in a previous post? Those evasive little birds that like to stay concealed behind a covering of leaves?

Well, one of them, a Chestnut-sided Warbler, blessed me with a brief visit over the weekend – and when I say brief, I mean you’d better not blink or you’ll miss it!

It landed on the Bark Butter branch and quickly glanced one direction…

…then glanced the other direction…

…then turned its back to me and flew off to the safety of the overhead branches, once again camouflaged amidst the green and yellow leaves.

This particular Warbler lacks the chestnut coloring it will get on its sides when it reaches adulthood. I still think it is absolutely beautiful.

I was so grateful to have the chance to snap a few shots. I wish I could have convinced it to linger longer, but hey, a brief visit is better than no visit at all!

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