A Trail Trial


I did a thing…

I purchased a new camera body, made possible by some generous Christmas cash.

It’s a Canon 90D which now goes by the name of Moses. And today, I took Moses to the Island Ford trail along the Chattahoochee River to give it a trial run and try and practice a few of the features I am less familiar with.

The first bird to greet me was a fluffy feathered Phoebe, perched on a branch by the river’s edge. He was all puffed out because the temperature was right around freezing.

Next I came across a cluster of Canada Geese, which, to be honest, I am not all that enamored with. I have memories from when I was a kid of them being a bit on the mean and ornery side.

Still, they were willing pose and let me practice, and I don’t mind taking their pictures when they are bedazzled with water droplets…

…or when they are practicing their maestro maneuvers.

I was hoping to try my hand at photographing some birds in flight (an area where I am lacking skills!) and several Cormorants were willing to help. I’ve got to figure out some better focusing techniques, but here are a couple of them flying by that turned out okay…

…and here are a couple of them splash landing.

In case you were curious, Cormorants make a weird sound…kind of like a cross between a snorting hog and a large creaking door. Their colors aren’t all that captivating, until it comes to their eyes, which are an incredible gleaming turquoise color.

Also, just a friendly word of warning, never stand beneath the branch where they are perched as they are prolific poopers!

I have A LOT to learn about Moses, but I am definitely excited about getting to know him better! Stay tuned for more practice pictures in the days ahead!

13 thoughts on “A Trail Trial

  1. What a fine thing you did. Welcome to Moses & all the magic he will bring. You really captured that brilliant turquoise eye! What a special thing about cormorants!

  2. Very good, Kathy! Soon, with the help of Moses will put me out of business! 🙂
    Great shots!

  3. I’m so excited for you! A new camera! Let the adventures begin! I love the light on the phoebe, and the incredible detail of her puffed up feathers. Initially I read the post on my phone while in bed, but decided I needed to read it on a bigger screen, and those photos really pop in daylight and on a laptop! I don’t know why I even read photographer blogs on the phone! Geeze! And, to add to it, you’re on the Chattahoochee River????? My brother, and now my sister, have homes on Lake Norman which is part of that river. I haven’t been down there in 2 years, this last year because of covid. But I plan on being there as soon as I can get vaccinated and it’s safe. Wouldn’t it be fun to go on a photo adventure walk together. Oh – I was at a little seminar put on by a local bird feeding store of a back yard bird photographer. I asked him what his shutter speed was on a particular shot – a hummingbird in flight – and he said probably at least 1/2000. I’ve used that for catching birds on the wing and it’s worked, especially to capture them lifting off or landing on my hand at my favorite park. I can’t wait to see what you and Moses will do next!

    1. Apparently, this new camera body moves me from the “Beginner” level to the “Enthusiast” level – which is where I pretty much aim to stay!
      I have a good bit to learn, as it has differently a different focusing system and different options than I am used to, but it is fun to be challenged and learn.
      I live about 30 – 45 minutes from the Chattahoochee, just northwest of Atlanta. If you are ever in the area, a photo outing would be great fun! 🙂

      1. Hahahaha. Yes, I got a new camera that supposedly upped me to some higher level too. I think you were pretty darn way past beginner even before Moses.

  4. Based on these outstanding results, looks like you and Moses are in for a long and beautiful relationship!

    Terrific photographs!

    (For practicing in-flight shots, a local park with waterfowl can be a great place to learn the different settings and techniques for a new camera.)

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