Lovin’, Learnin’, and Lookin’ Ahead

I am lovin’ my new camera (aka “Moses”) and have been enjoying taking it into the backyard for picture practice sessions.

One thing that I already love is that this camera is capable of capturing fine details. If you can, click on the photos below (especially if you are viewing on a larger screen) and look at the intricate feather patterns.

Another thing that I love is that this camera allows me to take pictures from farther away than I am used to. Before, the photos of this Eastern Phoebe would have been too fuzzy to post, but now I am able to crop and still have clarity. This excites me!

As I was researching this camera body (Canon EOS 90D) I read that this purchase would indicate that I have graduated from “Beginner” to “Enthusiast.” Now, I could care less about labels or categories, but I have to say that I am definitely enthusiastic about learning how to operate some of the features that I am not used to.

For example, I have been practicing with back button focusing – something I had never heard of before. I had just set up this feature when a Hairy Woodpecker appeared – a bird that I have been waiting to get a picture of. I was repeatedly whispering, “Don’t mess this up! Don’t mess this up!” while I took the shot.

I am also experimenting with different focus points and different modes in different lighting.

I think I am really going to enjoy hanging out with Moses, and I am hoping that he and I have many photo outings in the year ahead.

May 2021 be one where we take time to marvel at majesty and pause to see the extraordinary in the ordinary!

12 thoughts on “Lovin’, Learnin’, and Lookin’ Ahead

  1. Oh, you got this. Yes you do.

    I am using back button focusing…I read that it gives you more flexibility because you don’t have to choose between single focus and continuous focusing. It made sense at the time but now I don’t remember anything more than that. So I disabled the focusing with the shutter, and only use back button now. I have told my husband numerous times that I need to show him, because he won’t be able to focus at all unless he knows, but so far he has failed to take me up on a lesson.

    You are further ahead of me in figuring out focus points. I just don’t get that and I’ve tried to read up on it, in the manual and in books in general. Focusing is my nemesis with my Nikon Z6, which my husband bought for me without asking if that was something I wanted. He said my photography had progressed to a point that he felt I should upgrade the camera, which is nice, but man, Nikon is totally different than the Cannon I had been using my whole life. And from what I read focus is a big problem in this new Z6. He even just last month bought me the Nikon Z6 II which is supposedly better with the focus thing. It is a little better but I’m still struggling. I need to learn more so that this isn’t an issue, because with birds, the fast focus is so important. And so frustrating when you miss a great shot because your camera can’t decide what to focus on.

    Anyway, enough venting on your blog!

    Your shots are beautiful, the detail is wonderful, and I’m so glad you are having fun with Moses!!

    1. We will encourage each other to keep practicing and to keep having fun in the process!
      Oh…and the books (which I typically do better with) have left me a bit confused, but I have found some you tube tutorials to be helpful. I’ll bet they have them for your camera too. 🙂

  2. Oh, Kathy, your photos with Moses are breathtakin! I who know nothing about cameras, am so grateful that You do! With these pictures I am a few inches from these – a you rightly say- majestic creatures. How fortunate WE All ARE to share this world & even our very own own plots with them, -if they deign to live near us. Happy New Year to you & thank you so very much.

  3. You have a gift and one of my greatest joys is seeing your pictures and hearing of your love of photography and enjoying your skill!

    Keep glorifying God’s amazing creations!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

    Cameron Harrington

    On Thu, Dec 31, 2020, 6:34 PM Backyard Bird Nerd wrote:

    > kathydoremus posted: ” I am lovin’ my new camera (aka “Moses”) and have > been enjoying taking it into the backyard for picture practice sessions. > One thing that I already love is that this camera is capable of capturing > fine details. If you can, click on the photos below (e” >

  4. Great photos, but I thought your other ones were great too. I’ll take your word for it that these are better. Whatever… keep on clicking.

  5. I’m loving your new camera too! Stunning photos of such beautiful birds. Happy 2021. Stay safe.

  6. Wonderful photos, beautiful birds! I noticed you mentioned back-button focusing – once I read about that option a year or so ago in a photography book or blog, I set my camera up to do that and haven’t looked back. I prefer the control it gives. Enjoy your Moses and please keep sharing your beautiful images.

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