Holly Harvesters

Cedar Waxwings aren’t regular visitors to my yard, though I wish they were!

They typically show up when the holly berries are plump for the pickin’ and help themselves to the bounty – which these guys did a couple of weeks ago.

They eat their fill, and then lounge about on the backyard branches while their meal settles.

Much to my dismay, they rarely choose perches that are close and easy to get clear shots of them. I daydream about them landing and posing on the perfect perch! But hey, just getting to see them at all is a treat!

8 thoughts on “Holly Harvesters

  1. I think these are one of the most beautiful birds. I was blessed to see 10 in one tree a while back on a sunny morning – so they were almost glowing!

  2. I love these photos
    , I love cedar waxwings, rarely see them here in San Diego! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos!

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