Quite a Cute Couple

I noticed a lovely female Tiger Swallowtail flitting about in the front yard yesterday, mostly sipping from the Zinnias.

You can tell she’s a female by the broad band of blue at the base of her wings.

It didn’t surprise me in the least when, before long, a suitor showed up seeking her attention.

In between moments of nectar nipping, they would engage in a beautiful dance.

I think they make quite the couple!

7 thoughts on “Quite a Cute Couple

  1. Wonderful shots of the beautiful butterfly couple. I am especially in awe of the in-flight shots–I know from personal experience how hard they are to capture.

    1. I thought birds in flight was hard enough….sheesh…these butterflies are hard to get in focus! But they are so so beautiful to watch.

      1. It’s fun to challenge yourself as a photographer. I haven’t focused on flying butterflies but regularly try to photograph dragonflies in flight. 🙂

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