Three for the Third

For most of the year I tend to take pictures in my backyard, but when summer rolls around, I head to the flowers out front – which is what I did this morning!

Here are three that paid a visit this lovely July 3rd day.

First is a female Tiger Swallowtail – of the dark morph variety. Isn’t she lovely?

Only the females have a dark version, the males are always the yellow with black stripes.

A Hummingbird Moth (These are so very cool!) was also hovering about.

I like this shot of him flying off to find another flower.

And last but not least was a Ruby-throated Hummingbird. He was perched on this small branch…

…and then flew off to investigate the Zinnias.

Such beauty!

8 thoughts on “Three for the Third

  1. I had a Georgia Cuddin’, sadly, gone now, who used to say “A July day in Georgia is a perfect day.” It looks like you had a perfect July day today, the Third of July,

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