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Summer Wings Are Beautiful Things

Now that summer has officially arrived and the flowers are in full bloom, the front yard visitors have begun to make an appearance. Butterflies, though later than usual, are sampling the purple blossoms from the bush that bears their name … Continue reading

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Happy Humming

Some people hum when they are happy (like my Dad when he is sneaking snacks from the kitchen!) – and I am happy around wings that hum – like hummingbirds and hummingbird moths. While I was out taking pictures in … Continue reading

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Oh For A Zillion Zinnias!

Oh for a zillion zinnias! These brilliant bursts of color brighten the summer season with their beauty -and also with the beauty they bring! As I stood outside with my camera, several butterflies stopped by to sip of their sweetness. … Continue reading

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First Hummer of the Summer

Okay…so it’s technically not summer yet…but for the sake of a rhyming title, I am taking the liberty of welcoming the season a few days early. And I did indeed get a picture of my first hummer of the summer … Continue reading

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Far too Flitty to Focus

While I was outside, snapping a few pictures of flowers between showers… this Hummingbird Moth showed up. These are extremely cool creatures, that have a bee like body with hummingbird mannerisms. They are far too flitty to get in clear … Continue reading

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