A Most-worthy Mascot

I would wager that if one were asked to choose a bird (at least in the United States) to represent Valentines Day, the Cardinal would get a lot of votes.

Now, I would agree that the Cardinal is indeed a worthy candidate, but I just might be tempted to choose the Red-bellied Woodpecker to be this mid-February mascot.

The first reason is obvious…his vibrant red head feathers.

The second reason is more subtle…if you look closely (and use a little imagination) you can see that his wing and tail feathers, especially the underside, seem to be stamped with hearts.

And finally, I just LOVE this fellow. Whenever he shows up to sample snacks (though he prefers Bark Butter and peanuts to chocolate) he simply makes me smile.

Hope your Valentines Day is filled with all the things you love and with moments that make you smile!

3 thoughts on “A Most-worthy Mascot

  1. One of my favorites too. Though I have to say, for hearts, the European starling that is at the suet this time of year has the best little white hearts all over!

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