Over the weekend, my Mom and I went on a bit of a dead branch scavenger hunt. Not only did we find a couple of lovely limbs, but, tangled up in a bunch of thorns, we found a beautiful stump that had a plentiful supply of perches attached to it.

Now, what didn’t have me stumped was what a wonderful addition this rather exotic looking piece of wood would add to the backyard bird station; what did have me stumped was how in the world we were going to get it there! But thanks to hubby’s muscles and Dad’s truck, it is now sitting safely atop the seed table and the birds are already loving it!

Here are some visitors that stopped in today!

Here’s hoping for a lot more perch posing in the days ahead!

16 thoughts on “Stumped!

  1. I’m going to have to keep m eyes open for something like this. Unfortunately I don’t have hubby to help me as he broke his hip two weeks ago so he’s out of commission for awhile.

      1. Yes, I’m going to therapy now, let’s see if that works out/ Thank you , Kathy. 🙂

  2. What a lovely adventure and a magnificent addition for the birds and yourself! They are definitely enjoying the tree stump. Reading this I could not help but think of Shel Silverstein’s book “The Giving Tree” which I loved and read to my children and most recently to grandson Benjamin. I read the book to him until Benjamin could read it to me and thusly we committed it to memory. The book ends : “And the tree was happy.” As with that tree stump and now with yours it is not the end but rather a new beginning! Thank-you!

    1. What a lovely way to see it! (And I am excited that I will get to revisit all the wonderful “children’s” stories with my new granddaughter. Frog and Toad are my favorites!)

      1. Thank-you for your sweet reply! A new book that I discovered shortly after Benjamin was born in January 2014 is also one of the first of many that were read to him during infancy. I purchased two copies, one for his home and one for mine. It became a family tradition that it was the last book read to him at bedtime…I read it at naptimes too! Whenever Benjamin is here for a sleepover that book is still read, actually now recited, by him to me. “God Bless You & Good Night” written with enchanting rhymes by Hannah C. Hall and beautifully illustrated with animal families by Steve Whitlow. A must have for any Grandmother…or as Benjamin named me “Gem”!!

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