If you happen to be a Princess Bride fan, would you humor me for a moment? Before reading the rest of the post, please pause and say the word “Inconcealable!” using your best Vizzini voice.

And now…onto the post. About a week ago, I shared some pictures of a Brown Creeper, highlighting how he nearly disappears when his body is against the tree bark.

Today, I thought I’d share a few shots of two backyard birds that are positively inconcealable – the male Pine Warbler and the male Eastern Bluebird.

Pine Warblers, with their bright yellow bodies, are like little balls of sunshine as they fly about.

Their colors are so brilliant that it is just about impossible for them to hide.

Right now, I have tons of these gleaming little guys coming to the feeders.

And if the Pine Warblers show up (and show off!) with their feathers shining like the sun, the Bluebirds arrive like blurs of bright blue sky.

This fellow definitely stands out in a crowd. If he only had his rust-toned breast feathers, he could probably blend in with a background of fall leaves…

…but alas, those bold, beautiful wings make him…well…inconcealable!

Sometimes I just stand still and am in awe of the beauty of these two birds. I honestly can’t think of an adjective that does them justice!

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