Three Birds A Bathing

While I haven’t seen a partridge or a pear tree in the backyard (Can you tell I’m already singing Christmas songs?), I did see three birds a bathing.

The first was a Pine Warbler, who chose a secluded little cove to take a sip and a dip.

He later returned and brought lunch with him.

The second bird a bathing was an Eastern Bluebird.

This fellow was exuberant and bathed with wing flapping abandon.

Bluebird are the best bathers!

And the third bird a bathing was a Northern Mockingbird indeed in need of a bath.

I’m not sure whether this guy’s head was bloodied or berried (or jammed or jellied) but those purple stained feathers were in dire need of a washing!

Here’s hoping tomorrow I find six geese a laying five golden rings!

3 thoughts on “Three Birds A Bathing

  1. Very cool! I had evening grosbeaks at my feeder yesterday. They are not usually in this part of the state, so it was exciting. My current blog post had images.

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