Cameras, Not Karma

They say “what goes around comes around” – but for me that means cameras, not karma!

You see, when I started this blog nine years ago, I had just bought my first “real” camera – a Canon SX 50, which is basically a power shot on steroids! I wore the heck out of that thing! I went on after that to buy a DSLR camera body and several lenses (which made me feel like a true photographer) but last week I returned to my roots. I am now the proud owner of a Nikon P950, which is basically a power shot on more steroids!

I’ve taken it out back a couple of times, in between showers, and have been pleased with how it performs. It allows me to stand on my back deck and take pictures of birds that are out in the yard – like this Titmouse that was perched about 100 feet away.

I snapped a picture of this sweet female Downy Woodpecker posing…

…only she wasn’t really posing for me, she was flirting with a male Downy that was flitting about. Just look at her ruffling her feathers to get his attention!

A couple of Nuthatches made an appearance – both a White-breasted and a bug eating Brown-headed…

…as did a Carolina Chickadee and a Northern Cardinal.

While I practiced learning the controls on the new camera, the labra-loungers took advantage of the sunshine (it’s been a rarity!) and did what they do best!

Here are a few other birds (Brown Creeper, Brown Thrasher, and Carolina Wren) that were willing participants in the practice session. I’m pretty sure they fall into the “if you feed them they will pose” category!

This new camera (fyi – its name is Garfunkel) won’t give the same clarity and crispness as my other lenses, but it will come in handy taking pictures from a distance and will be lighter to carry on walk-abouts.

I think this is the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship!

9 thoughts on “Cameras, Not Karma

  1. You have great knack for photographing birds, is not the camera, it’s talent. Thanks, Kathy. 🙂

  2. Judging by these Garfunkel’s most worthy of his place in your photography kit, Kathy!

    The wren in your last image looks like it is rather upset with the paparazzi?

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