Canines Over Cameras

Canines took priority over cameras this past week as I (temporarily) added another labra-mutt to the mix.

Lottie (the beauty in the center of the treat-tranced-trio) is my grand-doghter, who spent the week with us while her family was in Ohio.

She is a half-lab, half-shepherd rescue who is super sweet, super loving, and super hard to wear out! She tends to stick right by my side when she is here as she has a tinge of separation anxiety mixed with a healthy portion of FOMO!

Her stay here ended last night, so now that our pack has returned to its normal size and its typical energy level, I should be able to get out and resume taking some bird pictures. I do have to confess though, I’m gonna miss the extra lab lovin’!

7 thoughts on “Canines Over Cameras

  1. A great alliteratin’ post & fun photos, Kathy. Such adorable darling dogs. I used to live with one of those lab mix busy bee ladies, Miss Libby. Unforgettable from small puppyhood till her very last day.

  2. Where’s the LOVE button? She’s beautiful, as are the other two. Did she wear them out? Our kids are so lucky to have you to watch her, she’s a lucky dog!

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