A Master Craftsman Community

With nesting season upon us, the birds in my backyard have LOTS of housing options to choose from. Thanks to the handiwork of my Dad, my backyard has become quite a desirable community to live in!

In addition to a dozen or so basic nesting boxes (emphasis on the “or so”!) there are several deluxe houses that fall under the “frontier fashion” category. Like this saloon…

…and this outhouse.

There’s also a lovely church…

…and a stagecoach – complete with a luggage rack and a driver!

A pair of Titmice have already claimed the country store, and have been busy enlarging the entrance.

There are several log cabins as well, which blend in perfectly with the trees.

I guess the bird word is getting around because these houses are going fast. There were even tenants moving in while I was out taking the pictures!

Now, I’m not saying that my birds are spoiled…okay, who am I kidding? They are as spoiled as I am!

Thanks Dad, for making my backyard into a master craftsman community!

17 thoughts on “A Master Craftsman Community

  1. It’s either a very fontzy upscale neighborhood, or a wild western movie town with major actors on set. In that case will the jaybirds will be sheriff & deputies or renegade gang?

  2. I always enjoy your beautiful pictures and love the creativity of the bird houses .thank you for sharing

    1. I have a hard time choosing a favorite. The Bluebirds want to build in the church but it was made for smaller birds, so they sometimes just sit on top and guard it.

  3. So creative! Would love to sit a spell and observe all the activity in your yard! 😊 Happy birding.

  4. Wow, normally I am impressed by the birds you post but, in this case, I am in awe of all those cool nesting houses. (I wonder who may move into the outhouse? 😉)

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