Thirty-Bird Challenge: Front Yard Fly-Catchers

I think Phoebes are fantastic!

These beautiful birds are year-round residents that I never get tired of seeing. They mostly hang out on the front yard branches, though they come around back when they want a quick dip in the fountain or some fast, free food.

They are known for their tail-bobbing, for their song that sounds like they are singing their name, and for their dive-bombing and devouring of bugs that (in my humble opinion) disturb the peace – like wasps, flies, and mosquitoes!

Phoebes are members of the fly-catcher family, and are rather solitary birds. They will show up in the company of other birds, but mostly seem content apart from the crowd. If birds have such categories, I’d label them as introverts, which might just be another reason I’m drawn to them, as I easily wear that label as well!

There is a pair that has built a nest on my front porch for the second year in a row, and Mama has been resting there a lot – so here’s hoping we have some little Phoebes flying about soon…and here’s hoping they have an enormous appetite for wasps!

11 thoughts on “Thirty-Bird Challenge: Front Yard Fly-Catchers

  1. Oh, I like these little birds too. I hear & spy them almost daily in the front yard trees. I like their “pheeee-beee”ing & mosquito patrol for our front porch whose time has come again at last.

      1. And very elegant like my late mother-in-law in her brown sable coat when sophisticated ladies wore such thoughtless things before they evolved…. But no! that’s certainly not the right analogy for the pretty phoebe bird, long evolved into its own elegant understated (though often stated) self.

  2. I was at a nature preserve this week and took a lot of pictures. Some of them are of a little bird that now that I see this, might be a phoebe. I was thinking it was a junco but it didn’t act like a junco. It’s a fairly poor image (low light, long lens) but I’ll go look again. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. There is a great app called “Picture Bird” that I often use to help identify birds. You can insert whatever picture you took and it gives you an id…It has been hugely helpful when those wandering warblers come through!

      1. I have the Merlyn app on my phone, that identifies bird calls, that’s been very helpful…and fun! I’ll have to add the Picture Bird too! I posted a pic of the bird in my Michigan Bird Id group and they confirmed it was a phoebe! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I think I have a yellow bellied sapsucker picture too, but haven’t confirmed that yet.

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