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This perky pilferer paused in a picture perfect pose to proudly portray his perfectly plump peanut!

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A Fellow the Color of Fall

This perky Carolina Wren, dressed in his fall finest, has been making regular appearances at the backyard feeders these days. Curious, comical, and always having a pep in his step, this tail tipped bird is fun to watch. Now, I … Continue reading

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Lighthearted Limericks – Carolina Wren

For your weekend pleasure (okay, really for my weekend pleasure) I decided to post several lighthearted bird limericks, complete with illustrations.  Let’s get things started with the Carolina Wren. A Carolina Wren, I declare, showed up to sample the fare … Continue reading

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The Spash and Dash Approach

This morning a Carolina Wren dropped in to say hello. This spritely little fellow hopped about on the deck rail, never sitting still for a second. He pecked at a few sunflower seeds and then flew down to the birdbath that sits … Continue reading

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Carolina Wren

This week’s “bird of the week” is the Carolina Wren. These chipper little songsters are known to sing often and to sing with gusto, boasting a repertoire of over a hundred songs. One way to identify them is by their … Continue reading

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