A Fellow the Color of Fall

This perky Carolina Wren, dressed in his fall finest, has been making regular appearances at the backyard feeders these days.

wren1 wren2

Curious, comical, and always having a pep in his step, this tail tipped bird is fun to watch.

wren3 wren4

Now, I could have let the Brown-headed Nuthatch or the Robin star in this post, as they too are arrayed in lovely autumn attire…

nuthatch robin…but in the end…


the little Wren won the role simply because he has been showing up when I have had a camera in hand.


19 thoughts on “A Fellow the Color of Fall

  1. We have Bewick’s Wrens here, too. No wrens have any shame or qualms, they pop right out of the bushes and stare at you with that slightly frustrated, “Why aren’t you edible?” face before getting on with business. But if you’re near their nest, you’ll never hear the end of it.

  2. What lovely little birds Kathy. I do love your wren shots. My shots of the English wren were all blurred as the little fellow would not stay still, but yours are superb. They are like the little VW beatle cars, small stubby little numbers, but packed with zoom.

  3. We love the little Carolina’s, we have nicknamed them Mama bird because a couple of years running a couple nested in our Boston ferns hanging from our porch. Each evening just before sunset, Mama bird would sit on our railing and call for about ten minutes in the loudest voice imaginable for such a little bird. Shortly, all of her offspring would line up on the railing, chattering away to each other, and after Mama did a head count, one by one they flew into the fern. The fern would shake and rattle a bit, then all would go quiet for the night. We just loved it!

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