Thirty-Bird Challenge: Tones of Tan

Two small birds in tones of tan – the Carolina Wren and the Chipping Sparrow – are the second and third birds to make the list in the April Thirty-Bird Challenge. It didn’t surprise me to see them early on as they are both regulars at the backyard feeders.

Carolina Wrens are in constant motion! They are bundles of energy that can’t sit still for a second – always turning their heads, and tipping their tails, and hopping from one spot to the next.

These birds are perky and peppy, with stocky bodies, long beaks, and LOUD voices. And when I say loud – they’re not just a little bit loud, they’re a lot a bit loud! In fact, if there were an award for being the loudest bird in the neighborhood, they would be the clear cut winner! Their most frequent song sounds like they are singing out, “weed eater, weed eater, weed eater!”.

They love to investigate whatever brush piles we have waiting around to be burned, and have currently made their home in a hollowed out portion of one of our large oak trees.

Chipping Sparrows are not as chunky or as fidgety as their tan-toned counterparts – nor are they as loud! They do sing a lot, but it is a softer, chippy sounding chirp. Whereas I always hear the Wren before I see it, I always see the Sparrow before I hear it.

These copper-capped cuties are the most common kind of Sparrow here in Georgia. I love having them around. They always seem at ease in my presence, and their presence helps me to feel at ease. That’s a win-win!

I know this challenge is just getting started, but I find myself joyfully anticipating what birds will be added to the list next!

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