Bedraggled and Bedrizzled

Well, the weather app called for a steady stream of storms to roll through today, and its predictions proved to be true.
This meant that my birds, which typically appear beautiful and somewhat bedazzled, arrived looking bedraggled and bedrizzled!

They also arrived hungry, so I threw on a rain jacket and quickly put out a bit of food in between rumbles and flashes. Then, I scurried back inside, opened the bathroom window, and snapped some shots from my makeshift bird blind.

This Carolina Wren was the first to arrive and help himself to a peanut or two.

Then came a Catbird, who seemed unfazed by the rain.

A male Downy came and gathered a beak-full of food, which is likely a sign that there are little Downy Woodpeckers waiting to be fed nearby.

A Tufted Titmouse and a Carolina Chickadee popped in and out…

…as did a Common Grackle.

And needless to say, the Blue Jays didn’t let the storms prevent them from partaking of some peanuts.

I have to say, I was surprised at how many birds refused to be deterred by the rainy weather…and by how many were willing to be seen in public looking far less than their finest!

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