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A Good, Good Father

One of my favorite contemporary worship songs is called, “You’re a Good, Good Father” – the chorus of which usually leaves me a bit misty-eyed. Well, that’s the title that came to mind as I watched this male Red-bellied Woodpecker … Continue reading

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A Brief Beauty Break

My daughter and I made it back from our afternoon walk just as darkened clouds and rumbles of thunder announced the arrival of another storm. Heading across the driveway to the front door, we noticed a beautiful Tiger Swallowtail hovering … Continue reading

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Red, White and Bl…ack (An Almost Patriotic Post)

As we celebrate Independence Day here in the U.S., many folks will be sporting their red, white and blue attire.  I wish I had a bird that boasted all three of those colors, but the best I could do was … Continue reading

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Common Bird, Uncommon Beauty

The Northern Cardinal is a common bird where I live, so common that it is easy to forget how beautiful they are.  Just look at this fellow – I sometimes wonder what my reaction would be if I was seeing … Continue reading

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Good to the Last Drip

I had just finished refreshing the water dish when this handsome male Pine Warbler dropped in for a drink. I’m pretty sure if he could use words instead of warbles he would say it was good to the last drip!

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Keeping Planters In Production

If you were to analyze the amount of peanuts that I purchase, you might come to the conclusion that my life purpose is to keep Planters in production! Although I do confess to spending more than I care to admit … Continue reading

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Flowers, Falls, and Friendly Frogs

This morning, I paid my first (but definitely not my last) visit to Gibbs Gardens, a flower lovers paradise nestled in the foothills of the North Georgia mountains. Before I had even entered, I had to ooh and aah over … Continue reading

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