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Common Bird, Uncommon Beauty

The Northern Cardinal is a common bird where I live, so common that it is easy to forget how beautiful they are.  Just look at this fellow – I sometimes wonder what my reaction would be if I was seeing … Continue reading

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Good to the Last Drip

I had just finished refreshing the water dish when this handsome male Pine Warbler dropped in for a drink. I’m pretty sure if he could use words instead of warbles he would say it was good to the last drip!

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Keeping Planters In Production

If you were to analyze the amount of peanuts that I purchase, you might come to the conclusion that my life purpose is to keep Planters in production! Although I do confess to spending more than I care to admit … Continue reading

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Flowers, Falls, and Friendly Frogs

This morning, I paid my first (but definitely not my last) visit to Gibbs Gardens, a flower lovers paradise nestled in the foothills of the North Georgia mountains. Before I had even entered, I had to ooh and aah over … Continue reading

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“____________ and Robin”

When asked which word would best fill in the blank in the title, most would immediately answer “Batman”; and although I am a fan of any good superhero flick, my answer these days would have to be “Waxwings.”  You see, … Continue reading

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The Fast and the Flurrious

There are some days when I fill the feeders and then have to wait as the birds meander in at a leisurely pace, seeming in no particular hurry at all.  But then other days (like most days this week!) they … Continue reading

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Out with the Old, In with the New

Well, the very last picture I took in 2016 was of this handsome fellow, who showed up to scavenge a peanut. Guess who posed for the first shot of 2017?  You guessed it! Looks like this new year is picking … Continue reading

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