Sippers, Drippers, and a Triple Dipper

With the weather warmer and less rainy, the backyard birds aren’t just showing up for feasting, they are enjoying beverages and bathing as well.

Some are sippers…

Some are drippers…

And this Brown Thrasher was a triple dipper!

First he sipped…

…then he dripped…

…then he lingered and exuberantly dipped.

Birds and water are a winning combination!

15 thoughts on “Sippers, Drippers, and a Triple Dipper

  1. Amazing captures. The Thrasher gave me a giggle, it must have been fun watching and getting those great photos.

  2. You had a cedar waxwing! Those are one of my favorite birds, I see them as they migrate through, some years I don’t see them at all. Last year I found a bunch of them at a rest stop and got some great shots, happened to be coming from a photo shoot so had the long lens on the camera, I was thrilled. And love all of them, the thrush was so fun! But the bluebird’s drips were amazing! You were on the deck with them during all this?

    1. I love waxwings too. We have a huge holly tree in the front yard that they spend about four days devouring. They come around back to swoop down to the fountain for a drink.
      And yes, I was on the deck. I think they have gotten a bit used to me being there. 🙂

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