Curious and Glorious

Many of my backyard birds (like the Red-bellied Woodpecker and Blue Jay below) are curious creatures that show up ready to explore the area in search of peanuts…

…but the Pine Warblers this time of year are positively glorious, mini-masterpieces with a golden glow.

Ahhh…such beauty to behold!

7 thoughts on “Curious and Glorious

  1. Very beautiful. Interesting idea to hid peanuts for them to find. I sort of do that, there’s a stump near the feeder that I’ve tucked peanuts into little crevices of. I need to do more of that. The warblers are beautiful. I noticed my first warbler last summer at a nearby campground. At first I thought it was a goldfinch, but it was a bit bigger, and rounder. Hard little guy to get a shot of, he kept hiding in the shurbs surrounding my campsite. I got a few blurry pictures of him, but the best shots are only in my memory.

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