A Good, Good Father

One of my favorite contemporary worship songs is called, “You’re a Good, Good Father” – the chorus of which usually leaves me a bit misty-eyed.

Well, that’s the title that came to mind as I watched this male Red-bellied Woodpecker who stopped in the other day.

As he loaded up his beak at the Bark Butter branch, I heard the tell-tale squeaky squawking of a nearby youngster. Β Sure enough, a few seconds later he was joined by junior. Β Dad fed the little guy a healthy heap of food…

…and then patiently repeated the process several more times.

There’s something delightful and somewhat comical about watching a baby bird be fed.
And this fellow was definitely a good, good father!

10 thoughts on “A Good, Good Father

  1. You know, Kathy–I am a bit of an idiot when it comes to birds. I was painting in the car port the other day, looked up and saw two cardinals on a branch–a bright red male and a duller colored small one. They did some beak to beaking, which I thought was cute canoodling between Mom and Dad…but now I wonder if Dad was feeding a young one!

    Your pictures are always amazing…

    1. Probably a little one getting fed. The male usually “canoodles” when he is trying to woo the woman during mating season – when the woman is won, the canoodling is done! Hmmm….

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