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A Mob of Monarchs

I pulled into the driveway this afternoon and as I glanced over at the garden at the edge of the yard I saw a mob of Monarchs flitting about the blossoms. Okay, “mob” might be a bit of an overstatement, … Continue reading

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There’s No Place Like Home

A week ago we were just getting back from Orcas Island, where we watched whales… …explored trails… …and enjoyed the beauty of land and sea. And while our trip was beyond wonderful, I think Dorothy was right when she said, … Continue reading

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A Fond Farewell

The blossoms on the butterfly bush are fading fast, as are the Zinnias, so I was surprised when this lovely Monarch stopped by. Although I hate to say goodbye to the butterflies, their departure means that the fall birds are … Continue reading

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Stained Glass Wings

As Irma drops branches in my backyard (I’m hoping some are good for Bark Butter!) I am processing pictures from this past week and thought I’d share this majestic Monarch that dropped in. Monarchs are not common visitors to my … Continue reading

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