My Sunday Sin

Well, I did it. I committed the unpardonable sin today. At least you would have thought so based on the way my birds chided and chastised me.

They are used to me filling their feeders fairly early in the morning, but today I opted to wait until after church. Basically, they got brunch instead of breakfast, but they acted like I had left them in the wilderness for a forty day fast!

Here are a few that showed up for the backyard buffet.


The Blue Jays are the first to holler when they don’t have peanuts in the tray!


This Red-bellied Woodpecker checked to see if I had stashed any seed in the Dogwood Tree.


This young Northern Cardinal waited on the branch while Dad (pictured below) took a turn getting a bite to eat.



A Gray Catbird waited for a turn on the Bark Butter log, while a Carolina Chickadee sampled some sunflower seeds.


This American Robin must have heard that it was a bring a dish event.


But the birds weren’t the only ones ready to feast.


This chipmunk packed his pouch with seed and then scurried off to store it in his secret hide-away.

Despite the delayed food delivery, it was a lovely day for bird watching.

12 thoughts on “My Sunday Sin

  1. If I don’t feed the birds early in the morning, I’d be facing a riot and linch mob here! I’ve been using clay saucers for a while, yesterday the birds broke two fighting for food! Nice photos Kathy! 🙂

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