Encouragement To An Ugly Baby

In a recent post I shared how I often look at  young Red-bellied Woodpeckers and say, with the utmost affection, “Your Mama had an ugly baby!”


Now, I feel like I should offer some words of encouragement to these awkward youngsters.  So here goes…

1) Your Mama had an ugly baby, but your Daddy is a handsome fellow.  And it won’t be long before you too display such splendor.


2) Your Mama had an ugly baby, but she didn’t have the ugliest baby in the backyard – that honor seems to have fallen to the cardinals.




Yet have no fear little cardinal, for one day you will look like your Mama, who is indeed a lovely lady!


Confession: I was tempted to post a picture of myself in those preteen years to show that we all go through that awkward stage, but some things are better left buried in the pages of an old photo album!

8 thoughts on “Encouragement To An Ugly Baby

  1. I love your posting! That young cardinal, what a sight! Poor thing, but as you said, one day it will be pretty like its momma. Your woodpecker is one handsome dude!

  2. 🙂 Super-cute! So glad we all go THROUGH our awkward stages, we don’t stay there! There’s hope for us all on the other side! I’ve never seen a juvenile cardinal that bald – that was a pretty great get!

  3. Nice post. Almost all fledglings are pretty freakish, except bluebirds like you said. Somewhere on my blog are pics of newborn common gallinules, those things are frankly scary.

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