Summer Photography

Sunspots and shadows, light filtered through leaves
Camouflaged chirping concealed in the trees
Shady slow shutter speeds, subjects are blurred
Summer photography – it’s for the birds!

I wrote that little ditty simply to say that summer has been the hardest season yet to get good bird pictures!

My backyard is currently a canopy of trees. (In fact, when my Aunt Jane was sitting on my deck a couple days ago she said she felt like she was in a dang tree fort. Well, she didn’t say “dang”, but you get the idea.) Anyway, during the “golden hours” of photography the yard is too shady, but at mid-day the sun seeps through the nooks and crannies of the leaves creating all sorts of glare and shadows. The birds themselves turn out okay in the pictures, but the backgrounds leave a bit to be desired. Here’s what I mean…

A pair of Brown-headed Nuthatches
Female Northern Cardinal
Male Red-bellied Woodpecker
Blue Jay

Ah well, despite the photography woes, the birds are still turning out in abundance and I am blessed to be able to watch them.

4 thoughts on “Summer Photography

  1. I kind of like the dappled green background. The fact that you can photograph birds without leaves and branches across their heads or bodies is a big plus. Love the little poem!

    1. I guess the backgrounds give it a less “professional” appearance…but hey, I’m not a professional and I kind of like the “real life look” just as much.

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