Bathing Blue Jay


This young Blue Jay was spying on me from the tree-tops this afternoon.  He must have decided that I posed little threat because he flew down to my level and helped himself to a refreshing drink at the birdbath.



With his thirst quenched, he slowly waded into the water.  He was a bit cautious at first…


…but before long he was splashing rambunctiously.  I promise he’s in there!



I think he was rather satisfied with his bathing experience.


Birds and water are a fun combination!

7 thoughts on “Bathing Blue Jay

  1. Great series of photos, Kathy! Blue jays will always be one of my favorite birds. I love them so much I spent lots of extra money to keep them happy – even though the sparrows take more than their fair share of the peanuts! 🙂

  2. Yes…I keep my Blue Jays stocked with peanuts, and they let me know when the tray is empty! I’m pretty sure my birds eat better than I do! Btw…you need to go back to Vermont – I miss the pictures. 🙂

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