Bark Butter Breakfast

In the winter months, the birds are always in search of fresh, unfrozen water, but they are also on the lookout for sources of protein – which I am more than happy to supply!

One of our most popular backyard feeders is actually a branch that is strapped to our deck courtesy of a bungee cord I “borrowed” (confiscated, claimed…okay…stole) from my husband. I spread a generous helping of Bark Butter on the back side and then wait to see who shows up. And speaking of Bark Butter – you need to stop what you are doing right now and head to your local Wild Birds Unlimited and get you some of this stuff!  The birds LOVE it!

By far, the most frequent visitor to the Bark Butter branch is the Red-bellied Woodpecker. This handsome fellow showed up the other morning and helped himself to a hearty breakfast.



Aren’t his colors and patterns amazing? And that pointed beak is perfect for chiseling up the suet-like spread. It’s also a nice weapon for warning away other birds who might be tempted to join him in his dining experience. Clearly, he’s not a “table for two” type guy.


Once the Red-bellied had eaten his fill, several other birds stopped by to enjoy a bit of Bark Butter for breakfast.

Male Pine Warbler
Male Pine Warbler
Brown Thrasher
Brown Thrasher
American Robin
American Robin
Female Pine Warbler

This sweet little Goldfinch landed on the branch as well, but he was merely waiting for a spot at the sunflower seed feeder.

American Goldfinch
American Goldfinch

9 thoughts on “Bark Butter Breakfast

  1. I so enjoy reading your blog and seeing your beautiful photos! You get a nice assortment of winter yard birds! My yard birds also love Bark Butter from WBU, and this winter I decided to make my own, and they devour it! I used Julie Zickefoose’s recipe for Zicke Dough as my starting point and add nuts and shelled sunflower seeds to it also. Thanks for sharing your yard!

    1. We have another woodpecker whose entire head is red that has the honor of being the Red-headed Woodpecker. Although you can’t tell in these photos, the Red-bellieds do have a hint of red on their front, yet it is his crown that has that striking red. Perhaps we should lobby for him to be called the Red-crowned Woodpecker! 🙂

  2. Hello Kathy,
    All of the birds are amazing! I also love the ‘common’ birds like sparrows too 🙂
    Thank you for sharing, this was the perfect way to start my day.
    Best wishes,

  3. Very beautiful photos, as per usual Kathy! I definitely need to go and buy some of that stuff. I stocked up on suet but it hasn’t been attracting too much attention here. But then, I put out such a variety of foods, I guess the birds just like other offerings better! We have a Wild Birds Unlimited in Toledo, so I need to make a trip!

  4. Amy – if you have squirrels that raid your feeders you might want to mix some hot sauce in with the Bark Butter. (I use Texas Pete Extra Hot) It deters the squirrels, but doesn’t bother the birds at all. I will be awaiting your Bark Butter post. 🙂

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