The Original Hip-Hopper

Being one who loves rhyme and alliteration, I have to say that hip-hop music holds a certain appeal to me.  Not the violent, vulgar songs, but the classics.  I remember singing along to Rapper’s Delight with my friends Poo and Trish during my high school years.  Picture in your mind three white teenage girls singing –

“I said a hip hop the hippie the hippie
To the hip hip hop, and you don’t stop
The rock it to the bang bang boogie
Say up jumped the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie.”

…yeah…we were probably about as bad as you’re thinking.  But hey, what we lacked in talent we made up for in enthusiasm!

With no disrespect to The Sugarhill Gang, I’m pretty sure the original hip-hopper resides in my backyard and goes by the name of the Carolina Wren.


He doesn’t bear the title because of his musical talent (though he is quite the songster) but because of his tendency to hop as much as he flies.  This little guy always has a spring in his step.

This past weekend, I enjoyed watching one of these little Wrens, who is a regular visitor to my feeders and baths.  His first stop was the heated water dish, where he perched on the edge for a leisurely drink.



Next, he skipped on over to the deck railing for some food from the tray.  See what I mean about his hip-hop behavior?



He helped himself to a generous serving of seed and then headed back to his hideout in the brush-pile.



I have to say, there is something about his peppy personality that simply makes me smile.  There’s also something about that old hip-hop song that makes me smile too – so I’ll close with one last set of lyrics that, for some reason, we used to sing quite loudly.  If you’ve never heard the song, you will be shaking your head with a puzzled expression on your face; but if you know it, you’ll be singing the words out loud.

“Have you ever went over a friends house to eat
and the food just ain’t no good
I mean the macaroni’s soggy the peas are mushed
and the chicken tastes like wood.”





18 thoughts on “The Original Hip-Hopper

  1. I love it when you catch them on the hop Kathy, great capture. I have found that from my own photography over the years that many of the small birds actually do a leap of faith off the branch before they open their wings, and I have captured this also, and looks just like your pics except they are high up in trees.

  2. Oh Kathy, I love this ❤ ❤ ❤
    Words cannot describe the elation I feel at seeing this series.
    Thanks so much for making my morning 🙂 😀

  3. These are great photos. I’ve never seen our House Wrens do this, but maybe they aren’t the dancers that the Carolinas are. Wonderful post!

  4. Love this post! 😉 Carolina Wrens are such a unique bird and I never seem to get the opportunity to see them, here in South Carolina! Go figure! lol At least I can enjoy them via your lovely photographs!

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