There’s No Place Like Home

Spending time at Tybee was a treat, but “there’s no place like home”…and I’m not saying that just because I went to see Wicked yesterday!  (If that line was lost on you, please go see the play.  You will love it.  I promise!)  I enjoyed last week’s change of scenery and the chance to take pictures of beach birds, but nothing beats my very own backyard birds.

Today I sat at the window and took pictures of several of them visiting our bird bistro.  And what is a bird bistro, you ask?  Well, shortly after Christmas my husband and I were walking through the orange store (aka Home Depot) and I saw a beautiful round piece of pine and thought what I’m sure any sane person would think – “Hey, that would make a great bird feeder.”   Rick stained it for me and screwed it onto a wooden post and voila…another feeding station, which has become quite a popular place.

Here is a picture with less zoom, so you can get a better idea of what it looks like.


The sparrows, like this Chipping Sparrow, come to munch on the smaller sized seeds.


The Cardinals come for the sunflower seeds.


The Mockingbird gobbles up the blueberries.  I actually took this picture several weeks ago, but wanted to include it because I love watching them grip the berries in their beaks.


And the Blue Jay, ever the peanut pilferer, sifts through the seed and tosses aside the less preferred fare.  Is that like eating all of the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms?


He stands in the seed and fills his beak with as many peanuts as he can find amidst the mixture, then flies off with his pouch packed full.



Hey, who needs Pinterest?  If you’re looking for a fun feeder, just head to the orange store and use your imagination.  And if you come up with something fun, please let me know!









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  1. Lovely post Kathy, you are certainly blessed with beautiful birds, mainly because you have taken the initiative to provide food and a place for them to come to in a strategically placed position. Your new viewing window has become quite a treat 🙂

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