13 thoughts on “The Breakfast Of Champions

  1. Great shot! I just posted today that our brown thrasher’s eggs have hatched, and checking new posts, I saw yours on the same bird species!

    Your pictures are much better than mine. :-). I had a hard time getting a decent shot of the chicks with Mama causing a ruckus near my head.

  2. How amazing Kathy, when I saw your heading for this post I thought it was another email from the men’s group in our church advertising their breakfast next month, as I just received it before yours and it is titled the same! I only hope they don’t serve grubs there, though I will be in London when it is on:-)

  3. what a great shot, Kathy! They are such secretive birds around here — I don’t think I have ever gotten a clean (no branches covering the face) shot.

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