I’m No Cinderella

If I were a Disney princess, it definitely wouldn’t be Cinderella.  Oh, I’m sure I’d talk to the mice and all, but I’d never be so sweet spirited to those sinister step-sisters.
No, if I were a princess, I’d probably be Belle (the whole nose in the book thing), only in blue jeans and a comfy sweater.
And if I had my pick of a pair of shoes, glass slippers wouldn’t even make the list.  Likely, I would choose a pair of boots…say, like these…


Are they not super cool?!
And I’m happy to say that they have been rescued from the mall and now have a new home – my feet!  The were a sweet gift from my Mom and Dad to wear on my photography adventures and I love them – the boots and my folks.
I simply can’t stop smiling, so I thought I’d share my joy in a post.  🙂

22 thoughts on “I’m No Cinderella

  1. Well chosen Kathy, my wife, like yourself really praises her birding shoes, and I likewise, it is so important to have good comfortable supported footware that can stand up to anything when walking in the bush. They look really good Kathy!

  2. They look great and I’m sure keep your feet comfy, dry and warm! I’m glad they were rescued to a new home. Happy birding 🙂

  3. Recently I’ve started looking for a good pair of hiking boots, and I heartily approve of that pair!! They look so comfortable!!

  4. I’m not much for fancy shoes Kathy! Your boots look comfy! Cute post! P.S. I’m a bit behind reading my favorite blogs! 💜💖💚

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