What A Difference A Week Makes

Can it be that just a week ago I was out shivering in the snow, snapping picture after picture amidst the flurries?

Well, that winter weather was gone without a trace today.  Instead, the skies were blue, the sun was bright, and the temperature topped off in the low 60’s.  It was the perfect day for a hike, made even more perfect by an unexpected visit from my daughter.

The two of us set out early to explore the Gold Branch Trail that runs along the Chattahoochee River.  It was our first time visiting the area, but it definitely won’t be our last!

I didn’t get many pictures, as most of the activity seemed to be taking place on the other side of the river. Despite the distance, we enjoyed watching this Heron stalking about.


This pair of Canada Geese also caught our attention as they were peacefully gliding through the water.


At some point, the couple must have crossed an invisible “No Trespassing” sign which led to this angry fellow lowering his head and sailing after them to let them know they were not welcome. A great deal of wing flapping and loud honking ensued. It was a literal wild goose chase!

goose2goose3An abundance of Cormorants were also drifting along in the current.  Occasionally they would dive beneath the surface and emerge quite a distance away.  As we were nearing the end of our walk, we saw several of them standing on a limb sunning themselves and drying their feathers.  Every time I see these birds I find myself thinking they are creepy in the coolest kind of way!


Aaahh…what a perfect way to spend the day!

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