Lighthearted Limericks – Brown Thrasher

Ready for another lighthearted limerick?  This one will feature my state bird, the Brown Thrasher.  I’ve had the rhyme floating around in my head, but needed him to show up and pose for a few shots before I could post it!

The Thrasher in rich shades of brown
has a dirt coated beak curving down.



Though his gold gleaming glare
gives a sinister air


He’s really a lovable clown!

I had to borrow the last photo from my summer pictures,
but the rest were taken this past week.
And now, as they say in Looney Tunes – eeba da beeba da beeba da…that’s all folks!


About kathydoremus

Wife, mother, daughter, and friend. One who dabbles in writing, thinks in rhyme, and is utterly unable to escape the allure of alliteration:) Amateur nature photographer. A backyard bird watcher, a hiker of non-strenuous trails to waterfalls, and a fan of Atlanta sports teams. Driver of an orange Jeep Renegade who goes by the name of Earl. One who is nourished by silence, solitude, and a good cup of coffee. A lover of God’s Word and the riches that are hidden there. An extremely ordinary jar of clay who longs to see and be satisfied by the glory of God, and to somehow display that in my everyday life.
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20 Responses to Lighthearted Limericks – Brown Thrasher

  1. aussiebirder says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful bird, which you showcased so well Kathy!

  2. avian101 says:

    Beautiful! 🙂

  3. Gorgeous pictures. I always thought Brown Thrashers were what robins would look like if they did more cardio.

  4. Mandy- Wild Red says:

    I can’t stop looking at the photo of him shaking the water off! Perfect!!

  5. neihtn2012 says:

    Amazing shots to go along that limerick!

  6. LOL the best part is your last line! hehe! Thank you Kathy, for more stunning photos!

  7. David says:

    Cracking bath shot! 🙂

  8. They have such beautiful eyes, and you captured them well! Awesome limerick, great bath shot, “excuse me, I am trying to bathe!” 😉

  9. Jill Kuhn says:

    What a spectacular bird that you have described with your words! (And photos) 😍

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