Lighthearted Limericks – Brown Thrasher

Ready for another lighthearted limerick?  This one will feature my state bird, the Brown Thrasher.  I’ve had the rhyme floating around in my head, but needed him to show up and pose for a few shots before I could post it!

The Thrasher in rich shades of brown
has a dirt coated beak curving down.



Though his gold gleaming glare
gives a sinister air


He’s really a lovable clown!

I had to borrow the last photo from my summer pictures,
but the rest were taken this past week.
And now, as they say in Looney Tunes – eeba da beeba da beeba da…that’s all folks!


20 thoughts on “Lighthearted Limericks – Brown Thrasher

    1. The original last line had something to do with him “wearing a perpetual frown” but it seemed to paint the poor guy in a bad light, so I changed it!

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