Super Bird Saturday

Later today, people all over the United States will be grabbing their chips and dip, turning on their televisions, and watching while the Panthers battle the Broncos in the fiftieth finale of the NFL season.

While today is indeed Super Bowl Sunday, I’m pretty sure yesterday must have been Super Bird Saturday – at least in my backyard.  All kinds of fierce competition was taking place.

First was a dirt digging contest, where the bird to emerge with the dirtiest beak was declared the winner.  The Brown Thrasher was the clear victor, with the Robin coming in a close second.



In another section of the yard, the Butter-Butt Branch Battle was taking place.  This was an all day event, where the male Yellow-rumped Warblers tried to claim the “Lord of the Limb” title by swooping down and chasing each other away from the coveted territory.

One would land on the branch and vigilantly look about, hoping to retain his perch.



Then, from out of nowhere, another would dive down and claim the spot as his own.


This event was still going on when I left, so I have yet to find out who won.

In the midst of the festivities, a peanut eating contest was also taking place. It honestly wasn’t much of a competition, as most of the other birds forfeited once team Blue Jay showed up.




A number of birds were also participating in some sort of drinking game.  At first I thought it was a solo event…


brown-headed nuthatch

but somewhere along the way, it turned into a group activity.  Hey, the more the merrier, right?

bluebird ciskin

The Scavenger Hunt was another popular event at the Super Bird Saturday competition.  At first I thought this White-breasted Nuthatch just might be the winner…

white-breasted nuthatch

but once word got around that the prize was peanuts…you guessed it…this event went to team Blue Jay as well!


Throughout the day’s contests, the Mockingbird was the self-appointed director of rules and regulations; but despite his bossy demeanor, no one paid him much attention.


In addition to the active participants, a number of birds served as spectators  – like this Bluebird who was eagerly cheering…


…and this Red-bellied Woodpecker, who was taunting and jeering!


Now I love Super Bowl Sunday, and I’m sure the game will be fun to watch, but I can’t imagine I will enjoy it as much as I did Super Bird Saturday!  I’m definitely a fan!




23 thoughts on “Super Bird Saturday

  1. Haha! Looks like a Super Bird day – My favorite is the Butter-Butt Branch Battle! Try saying that three times fast! lol! Thanks for the smiles, Kathy! 🙂

  2. I really just love your blog! I am mourning my birds. I live in a the city (DC) but in the 15 years we have lived here we have had, in our own little back yard, black-capped chickadees, downy woodpeckers, cardinals, mockingbirds, catbirds, goldfinches, house finches, carolina wrens, bluejays, mourning doves, common grackles, dark-eyed junkos, robins, and, of course, pigeons and sparrows. We are continuing to fill the feeder, put out suet, and we have a pond with running water. But not a bird except several kinds of sparrows have come to the feeders for months. The chickadees have been gone for about 10 years but all of the others have been around in the last year.

  3. OMG, I love your Super Bird Saturday! 😀 You’d better make it an annual event for sure!

    Drinking contest… lol…hehehe

    Hmmm… if they’d started lobbing peanuts into the birdbath in between sips, would that have been Bird Pong? 😉

    1. At the risk of sounding cheesy, I think it’s a sweet little way God has chosen to bless me. I stand on my deck, put out food, and they show up. If it helps, for every ten I post, there are probably fifty that are blurry and get trashed!

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