Blazing Yellow Blurs

Blurs of bright yellow have been seen darting and dipping about my backyard lately.

The Yellow-rumped Warblers that have been sitting side by side so peacefully at the feeders these past several weeks are now engaged in some serious aerial attacks!  I guess the time has come to stake their territories and claim their mates.

yellow-rumped1 yellow-rumped2

This fellow in the photos above was perched on a limb in the center of the yard, proudly poofing out all of his sunny spots.  I’m not sure if he was trash talking a rival or attempting to entice a female; either way, I found myself rooting for him!

12 thoughts on “Blazing Yellow Blurs

    1. I do indeed call them that…but it’s a pretty common nickname; not one I can claim I cleverly made up. Unless of course you never heard it before; then I am taking full credit!

  1. Kathy, you and your butter-butts have been on my mind! I just arrived in Florida for vacay and there are Yellow-rumped Warblers everywhere! Remember my horrible capture of one a few weeks ago at my home? Well, I’ve nailed myself better images now, and it’s been exciting! YEA! 🙂

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