Cardinal Feathers Fuel My Faith

It might sound silly, but the title is true – Cardinal feathers really do fuel my faith.

When I look at the color combinations and the design details, I have no doubt that these beauties were handcrafted by a Master Artisan.  Now we can still be friends if you think me a fool for my Divine design ideas (although I’d love the chance to sit down with a cup of coffee and try to convince you otherwise!) but I still invite you to marvel with me at how incredible these feathers really are.

This male Cardinal dropped in for a quick drink of water the other day.  Isn’t he breathtaking?  If you click on the photo, you should be able to see the details even better.



And how about this lovely lady?  I know she isn’t nearly as bold, but she is certainly no less beautiful.



There were actually about four males battling for her attention; including this fellow, who clearly finds her to be pretty amazing.


Now, to be fair, I could have chosen any bird for this post, but Cardinals just happened to show up and pose for the pictures.  Perhaps tomorrow will be Blue Jay feathers bolster my belief, or Dove feathers diminish doubt, or some other terribly alliterative title conveying the same sentiment!  For now, I hope you just enjoy the beauty of these birds. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Cardinal Feathers Fuel My Faith

  1. Every time I look at the natural world, it doesn’t really matter, bird, tree, river, cloud…..I wonder how anyone can doubt the existence of God. This beautiful world and all its creatures are clearly not a happy accident. Thanks for this post, Kathy. I wholeheartedly agree. And your cardinals are gorgeous.

  2. They are beautiful for sure, Jane! And I entirely understand the sentiment you are trying to convey as we feel the same way. I feel so much nearer to heaven out there in South Africa’s wild places than I do here in the city…

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