The Highlight of the Hike

I spent yesterday morning hiking the trails at Rocky Mount Recreation Center with my daughter (and hiking buddy) Katie.  This is a park near Berry College, where she goes to school.

Although the day got off to a misty start, we had a great time exploring the area; even those areas that perhaps weren’t suppose to be explored!  (Hey, we figured the sign didn’t really apply to us since we’re actually rather private people!)


It was lovely being surrounded by nature…

pinecone wishie

…but the highlight of the hike was when we were joined by this beautiful dog, who clearly knew the trails better than we did.


Miss Bianca (no idea why we named her that, but we did) romped and raced and raised a ruckus chasing geese.

dog2 dog4

At one point she got stuck in a ditch filled with water.  She kept slipping and falling back in when she tried to climb out, so Katie had to rescue her.  After that, they were best buds.


If this sweet gal didn’t already have a home, I have a feeling she would now be a part of mine.  And speaking of home, let’s just say that she didn’t return to hers in the same pristine condition she started off in!


Life’s more fun with a little mud mixed in, right?  🙂

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  1. I always enjoy a hike when an unexpected “furry friend” comes along! Especially a tame one, lol! Love your photos, Kathy! ❤️

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