Beauty At Berry

After hiking with my daughter Saturday morning (see yesterday’s post) I was able to spend some time Saturday evening and Sunday morning enjoying the beauty of Berry College’s campus.

As I snapped pictures right and left, I felt like I should be singing Old MacDonald had a farm, and on that farm he had a duck..


…and a swan…


…and some very grumpy geese.



Enough with the song…but there was also a barn cat…


…and a very young colt with still wobbly legs…

colt1 colt2

…and a Mama who watched him intently.  I asked a friend who knows a lot about horses if a white horse could give birth to a reddish-brown baby – the answer was yes, if the father had the baby’s coloring.


Once I started taking pictures of the horses it was quite addictive, so here is one grazing…


…and one galloping…


…and two that look like they’re engaged in a bit of barnyard gossip!


As always, deer were plentiful, especially in the horse pastures.


I’m pretty sure I could roam the grounds of this campus for days (or weeks, or months) on end and never get bored of taking pictures.  There is so much beauty to behold!  I have to confess though, out of all the lovely creatures I saw, this girlie (who happens to be my daughter) was the most beautiful of all.  Spending the weekend with her was a true joy.


I am blessed! 🙂



17 thoughts on “Beauty At Berry

  1. Enjoyed seeing all your lovely photos – especially your daughter, she is so pretty! What a wonderful place for her to attend college! 😃💕🐴🐥

  2. Loved the little colt, so cute! Congratulations on raising a wonderful daughter, Kathy. With life’s constant obstacles, it’s a wonderful feeling to know we did good as Moms! 🙂

  3. All of them are so cute! Beautiful pictures Kathy 🙂 I really enjoyed all the photos and their description 🙂 Your daughter is so pretty and you are blessed 🙂 she looks like my age 🙂

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