Double The Pleasure: Splashes Of Red

The dynamic duo starring in this post each have a splash of attention-grabbing red!

Let’s start with the Red-winged Blackbirds, who have been out in full force lately.  These fellows are not quite comfortable coming close when I am standing outside with my camera.  I have to look away and pretend not to see them so they think they are sneaking in.  This first one came swooping down, but didn’t stay long since his arrival coincided with that of a hungry Blue Jay.

redwing1 redwing2

A second Red-winged came soon after.  He landed, looked about, and then helped himself to a quick snack.

redwin3 redwing4 redwing5

Unlike the Blackbirds, the Red-bellied Woodpeckers in my backyard don’t seem to mind my presence at all.


They fly right in, scoop up some Bark Butter, and let any rivals know they are not welcome.

woodpecker2 woodpecker3

I think I have more “tongue sticking out” pictures of these birds than any other!

woodpecker4Red-winged Blackbirds and Red-bellied Woodpeckers – don’t tell the other birds, but these fellows are two of my favorites!

16 thoughts on “Double The Pleasure: Splashes Of Red

  1. Yesterday a red-winged blackbird flew straight at me and his shoulders blazed like red hazard lights in the sun, so bright against the black wings, blue sky and green all around. He landed and let loose that stark and piercing song which was answered all around the pond invisibly.I love these birds. They are part my basic ideal of wetlands, even though they are not actually water birds they are almost always around in reeds and cattails shrilling and flashing.

  2. Thanks for showing this, I never saw a red-winged blackbird, not even in TV, and we don’t have them here. I like how this bird is completely black with the red on the wings, this looks so special. Of course, the woodpecker is extremely beautiful too 🙂

    1. He is a handsome fellow. He usually keeps the red and yellow concealed and displays these colorful patches when he is being a bit territorial, or wooing the woman!

  3. I’m pretty fond of both of them too, especially the RBW. The blackbirds are “growing on me” too, and this spring they seem more agreeable about coming down for a photo opp. Great pictures in this post! Thanks.

  4. I sorely miss the song of the red-winged blackbirds here at the Money Pit, but apparantly they don’t like the area habitat (a combination of being close to a highway and overly stuffed with oaks.) Previously I’ve always lived in very open sunny neighborhoods not far from the waterfront and/or marshlands. But I haven’t heard an “o-ka-leee” in two years, nor even seen a wing flash *snif*!

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