Double The Pleasure: Shades Of Gray

Although the phrase “shades of gray” has been sullied as of late, I’m making it the mission of this post to redeem the words and restore them to noble use!  And what could be more noble than using them to describe the Tufted Titmouse and the Northern Mockingbird, the two birds starring in this “Double the Pleasure” segment.

First the Titmouse.  Furtive is a good word to describe him.  He darted down to grab a peanut and was so quick that I only had time to snap one  photo before he had flown off. Pretty sure he gives a new meaning to the term “fast food!”


This Northern Mockingbird (who sometimes brings his mate along) usually stays in the front yard perched at the top of our huge Holly Tree where he LOUDLY and repeatedly goes through his whole repertoire of songs.  He has been coming around to the backyard more frequently lately to partake of the Bark Butter.

mockingbird1 mockingbird2

He usually is not at all bothered by my presence, although he will occasionally shoot me a look that rivals the grumpy faced expression of the male Bluebird.

mockingbird4 mockingbird3

The birds starring in this post are beautiful in their “shades of gray”; but if you are one for whom the phrase has been forever tarnished, I offer this fellow as evidence that the words can still be used for that which is less than noble!


Seriously though, the Titmouse and the Mockingbird are so lovely it makes you wonder how anyone could find gray to be a dull color.

Don’t tell the other backyard birds, but these guys are two of my favorites!

28 thoughts on “Double The Pleasure: Shades Of Gray

  1. Gorgeous gray. The mockingbirds in my neck of the woods (LV, Nevada) are always annoyed with me. They dive bomb the visiting stray cats.

  2. The mocking bird really does sing beautifully. I’ve heard it has no song of its own, but only imitates calls of the other birds. Sort of sad, if true. As Sharon said in her comment, they can be quite aggressive. I had one that terrorized my cat and pecked it on the head any time it was out. I don’t know if it had a nest nearby or just didn’t like cats. LOL

      1. The birds obviously love and trust you 🙂 from the amazing shots you get! You are the Kathy Doolittle of birds 🙂

      1. I have established a feeding station along with “bird tree” as a perch. (your suggestion) Just starting to get activity. It’s a stretch for my lense, but I’ll figure a way to get some decent back yard pics

  3. Beautiful, Kathy! I’m not a mockingbird fan, but I love that face – as you said, looks just like a grumpy bluebird! Titmice are one of my very favorites. They just love their peanuts. And of course, the squirrel. My husband used to call me squirrel when we were dating (gee, no clue why?!) and so they have always been close to my ❤

    1. I hear lots of Mockingbird horror stories, but mine have always been on the rather tame side…maybe it’s that whole “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” thing!

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