Double The Pleasure: Better Bokeh

I started these “Double the Pleasure” posts to give myself a chance to play with my new 70-300mm lens. I think I’ve decided this lens gives me better bokeh (a fancy photography term that comes from a Japanese word that means “blur”) than my everyday birding camera, but not as much zoom.

Let me show you what I mean by “better bokeh” by sharing two photos of three different birds. (I know, it’s breaking the rules to do three birds in a “Double the Pleasure” post, but I’m once again claiming bloggers prerogative!) In each of the pictures, the background is blurred which helps the subject grab your attention without as many distractions.

First the male Pine Warbler…

warbler1 warbler2

And then the White-breasted Nuthatch…

nuthatch1 nuthatch2

And last but not least, the Chipping Sparrow…

sparrow1 sparrow2

I’ve enjoyed the chance to play with this new lens; I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the pictures that were taken in the process.

From now on, I will probably end up switching back and forth between my two cameras (a Canon T3i and a Canson SX50HS) since I don’t want either to feel left out.

31 thoughts on “Double The Pleasure: Better Bokeh

  1. These came out beautifully, Kathy!

    I suppose there’s a case to be made for both – sometime one wants the background to be clear so that your subject can be shown as part of it’s environment, and other times you don’t want any “distractions”.

    1. Absolutely. In my backyard I like to blur the background if possible, but when I am out and about, I like to keep the other details. 🙂

  2. Beautiful I’m enjoying these cute birdies 😍 second one is looking like he’s gargling 😆 so cute 😍😍💕

  3. “Mo’ bokeh” was the reason I invested in a fixed 50mm lens shortly after I bought my DSLR. I am totally tempted by your zoom, but am wondering whether with a lens that long, do you have to also use a tripod collar?

  4. Looks like you feed some of the same kind of birds that we feed. Lovely pics.

        1. I always feel humbled and grateful when someone likes my photos…but I never get sick of hearing it. If brings me joy to feel like something I did brought joy to someone else. 🙂

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