Dart, Dash, And Dive

While hanging out with the Heron at the Chattahoochee River yesterday, the place was abuzz with dragonflies.  I have to confess, before picking up a camera a couple of years ago, I found these creatures to be a bit disconcerting.  The way they would dart and dash and dive made me think of them as overgrown bees; but now that they have become fodder for photography, I find them fascinating!

Here is one fellow that briefly paused to pose.




Isn’t that face the absolute definition of bug-eyed!

17 thoughts on “Dart, Dash, And Dive

  1. YAY! You got photos of dragonflies!! 😃😊😍 I like your photos much better! My dragonfly landed on my knee so you see my wrinkled skin. Lol! 😉

    1. I didn’t get a ton of time with them since I had been hanging out with the Heron. I want to go back and try and get some more shots. They are so cool!

  2. Very graceful critter. You captured it well. I’ve noticed that dragonflies seem to frequently be the inspiration for jewelry, like pins. So apparently a lot of people find them interesting.

  3. OMG Kath! These photos belong in National Geographic! Bravo! I don’t ever recall seeing such detail as this!!! 🙂

    1. I am addicted to alliteration and half the time have to go back and do some un-alliterating to make my posts more palatable for others!

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