Hungry Hummer

I was standing out in the garden, stalking Swallowtails, when this Ruby-throated Hummingbird buzzed by.  Usually I see these guys with their beaks closed and pointed like a pair of needle-nosed pliers, but this one came in looking ready for a fight.


He sipped nectar from several Cana Lily and then darted off.

17 thoughts on “Hungry Hummer

  1. You have read my mind again! I’ve been thinking about trying a hummingbird. Ours are fierce, they fight often! They seem like they would be so gentle but I wouldn’t wanna come between them when they start swarming lol!

  2. Awesome capture. I was thinking a hummingbird for draw a bird day this month. Feeling inspired. 👍

  3. Kathy that is a stunning capture. The hummingbird is on my bird bucket list to see in the wild one day. We don’t have them in Australia and I am obsessed by them. They almost look like they come from a fairy realm and not of this earth. You are so lucky.

    1. I hadn’t thought of it before, but I can see what you mean by something from the fairy realm. They are vibrant and enchanting. Hmmm…should a hummingbird star in one of your stories, I wonder!

      1. Yes I think so, one day but getting reference to draw them would be my thing. When I have an idea for a story I like to take photos for reference. maybe one day i will take that trip.

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