Proud To Be An American

Proud to be an American…seems like a fitting title as we celebrate Independence Day here in the United States…and I do hope you sang the words out loud or at least heard Lee Greenwood’s voice echoing in your ears…but for the purposes of this post we’ll say “Proud to be an American Painted Lady!”


Now, I’m not sure whether American Painted Lady sounds patriotic or provocative, but since today is the 4th of July, we’ll opt for the former!



This lovely medium sized butterfly has been showing up fairly routinely at my butterfly bush.  Not quite as striking as the Swallowtails, she (or he) is still quite a beauty.


One of the distinguishing features of this butterfly is the two dark eyespots on the hind-wings.  God gave these butterflies a better chance of survival by designing them this way as predators will tend to aim at the “eyes” leaving the more critical and vulnerable parts of the body protected.  You can even see where this one has been nipped in the eyespot area.



I am seriously addicted to taking butterfly pictures, but let me go ahead and give you a spoiler for an upcoming post….Booger has a brother!  I m hoping to get some pictures soon, so stay tuned!

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Wife, mother, daughter, and friend. One who dabbles in writing, thinks in rhyme, and is utterly unable to escape the allure of alliteration:) Amateur nature photographer. A backyard bird watcher, a hiker of non-strenuous trails to waterfalls, and a fan of Atlanta sports teams. Driver of an orange Jeep Renegade who goes by the name of Earl. One who is nourished by silence, solitude, and a good cup of coffee. A lover of God’s Word and the riches that are hidden there. An extremely ordinary jar of clay who longs to see and be satisfied by the glory of God, and to somehow display that in my everyday life.
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29 Responses to Proud To Be An American

  1. The detail is amazing Kathy, so beautiful and made me smile.

    • kathydoremus says:

      I am always amazed at the detail that shows up in a photo that I would miss if I was just watching them with my eyes. Pretty incredible. And I’m glad it made you smile. I have a feeling if we lived closer we’d be hanging out. 🙂

  2. Tiny says:

    Gorgeous pics of the Painted Lady! Happy 4th, Kathy!

  3. Jodi says:

    Wow! What beauties!!!

  4. aussiebirder says:

    Happy 4th of July to you Kathy, and your painted lady captures are truly beautiful:-)

  5. atkokosplace says:

    Stunning captures! Wow. So thankful to see this beautiful butterfly up close! Thank you! Happy fourth to you! Koko:)

  6. Jill Kuhn says:

    WOW! Amazing photos, Kathy! I can’t wait to draw and paint this one! ❤️ She is a beauty!! 💕💖

  7. Great detail, you’ve got such a steady hand, Kathy!

  8. Great shots as always and I must say I’m looking forward to Booger’s bro!

  9. Trail Walker says:

    That is a lovely butterfly with a lovely name. Thanks for the interesting information too.

  10. Trail Walker says:

    Also should say I am looking forward to the pictures of Booger’s brother. The original pictures are just too cute, and I am a big fan of bluebirds.

  11. Inger says:

    These captures are just stunning!

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