A Good, Good Father

We often sing a song at church with lyrics that proclaim, “You’re a good, good Father”…well, I’m pretty sure the same could be said of the male Bluebird who brings his brood to my backyard feeders.

Although the babies are quite capable of feeding themselves at this point, they are still not above begging for food if Dad is around.


And Dad rarely disappoints them.

bluebird2 bluebird3

Every once in awhile he does look fed up with the feeding duties.


Still, he really is a good father!
It has been a real treat to have such a bounty of Bluebird babies this year!

18 thoughts on “A Good, Good Father

  1. Omg Kathy. I just love his annoyed look. And is that the same song by Stephen Curtis chapman? I think that’s the man I’m thinking of. That is probably my favorite song right now. I just love it. Singing it and hearing it makes me feel so good. Thanks for bringing it to mind, I’m gonna get that one on YouTube and chill out this afternoon. Really love these shots, you know the bluebirds are my favorite. 💙💙💙

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