Lighthearted Limericks – Red-headed Woodpecker

It seemed about time for another lighthearted limerick, and since this fellow keeps showing up and flirting for his food, I thought I’d let him be the star.

The bird with the red velvet head
Comes to call when he wants to be fed

redhead1 redheadw2

But don’t label it rude
That he charms me for food

redhead3 redhead4

It’s simply the way he was bred!


In all honesty, he keeps coming for the food but I put out the food so he will keep coming! It’s a win win!

16 thoughts on “Lighthearted Limericks – Red-headed Woodpecker

    1. Not very original, but from the first day he showed up I have simply called him Handsome. My kids will call out, “Mom, Handsome’s in the backyard!”

  1. We have the same relationship which has now become five blue jays who always love to show us new ways to “hint” that some unshelled peanuts would be a welcome sight ! We had just two at the beginning of the year and have three newbies. What a wonderful experience this spring and summer to watch the grow and learn ! And its wonderful to have such a large brood who enjoys these nuts !!!

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