Three’s A Charm

Yesterday afternoon I had not one, not two, but three Red-headed Woodpeckers hanging out in my backyard.  Can you say “little slice of heaven?”

First I saw the big fella, going from one tree trunk to another near the edge of the property.

red1 red2

Then I noticed the duller shadow following close behind him. He brought Junior with him!


While Dad occupied the little guy, Mom made her way over to the deck to grab a bite to eat.


You can see she is going through a bit of a molt that has left her looking a bit patchy; but no worries, she will soon be back to her resplendent self.


Then they swapped roles, and Mom kept a close eye on the inquisitive youngster…


…while Dad flew over to grab some grub.  Is he not capital “G” Gorgeous?!  Heck, he is all capital letter GORGEOUS!

red6 red7 red8

I am so hoping this pair sticks around for the winter months.  I am day dreaming about getting a picture of them perched in a light dusting of snow!

Until then, I’ll close with one final photo where he clearly seems to be posing.  He has definitely gotten more used to my presence with the camera!


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      1. Ohh really! I haven’t seen them personally would love to see them. I didn’t know this fact 😀 Just like Blue Jay he scare away other birds for his food!

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