Another Backyard Birdwatcher

I wasn’t the only birdwatcher in my backyard today!

This Red-shouldered Hawk landed on the Bark Butter branch (the perch where I take most of my bird pictures!) and carefully scoured the area for his next meal.

hawk1 hawk2

Every once in awhile, he would stretch out his talons, like he was preparing to snare some prey, which was pretty cool to watch.


Then he would continue gazing out over the yard.


Talk about a piercing stare!  I love the eyes on these creatures!

21 thoughts on “Another Backyard Birdwatcher

  1. I think this might be a juvenile Coopers Hawk, which are fond of eating birds. I can see why that perch on your backyard might be attractive to a bird hunter!

  2. Birds of prey are beautiful and lovely to observe, but it breaks my heart when they snatch a little bird.

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